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A Strengths-Based Approach
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This practical guide provides a holistic, wellness-oriented approach to understanding suicide and working effectively with clients who are suicidal. John and Rita Sommers-Flanagans’ culturally sensitive, seven-dimension model offers new ways to collaboratively integrate solution-focused and strengths-based strategies into clinical interactions and treatment planning with children, adolescents, and adults. Each chapter contains diverse case studies and key practitioner guidance points to deepen learning in addition to a wellness practice intervention to elevate mood. Personal and professional self-care and emotional preparation techniques are emphasized, as are ethical issues, counselor competencies, and clinically nuanced skill building.

“This engaging book provides considerable insight into the dynamics around suicide, the emotional distress involved, and how counselors can best assist clients while also focusing on their own health and wellness. The Sommers-Flanagans’ strengths-based approach will allow practitioners to connect with their clients and offer understanding and hope when they are most needed.”

—Kelly Duncan, PhD, LPC

ACES Executive Director


“I will read anything that the Drs. Sommers-Flanagan write. This book, however, is one where I took my time and savored each page. Why? Because suicide is emotionally charged, societally and individually taboo, scary, and near the top of the list of more common and feared client experiences. This book treats suicide assessment and treatment in an intelligent, thoughtful, and practical way for clients and clinicians. It humanizes suicidal ideation and, in doing so, helps the reader better understand how to truly care for those in distress.”

Matt Englar-Carlson, PhD

California State University, Fullerton

About the Authors

John Sommers-Flanagan, PhD, is a professor of counseling at the University of Montana and the author or coauthor of more than 100 professional publications.

Rita Sommers-Flanagan, PhD, is a professor emerita of counseling at the University of Montana. She is a psychologist, poet, blogger, and the author or coauthor of almost as many publications as John.

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