Environmental Ethics

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The latest edition of an essential resource in the theory and applications of environmental ethics In the newly revised Third Edition of Environmental Ethics, internationally renowned philosopher Michael Boylan delivers another accessible introduction for students new to ethics, and an invaluable reference for scholars of all levels. The anthology includes important essays, both established and contemporary, as well as eight brand-new contributions commissioned specifically for this edition. This new material is the foundation for students# understanding of the most recent ethical debates on the environment and humanity's place within it. The balanced combination of new material on recent developments in the field and well-known, foundational articles appears alongside helpful pedagogical materials, including case studies and sample questions. The book brings students up to speed on all the main themes in the area, including worldview arguments for environmentalism, the anthropocentric vs. biocentric debate, and a variety of applied environmental problems. Environmental Ethics also offers: A thorough introduction to the theoretical background of environmental ethics, including discussions of ethical reasoning, nature, and the tragedy of the commons Comprehensive explorations of eco-feminism and social justice, aesthetics, and deep ecology Practical discussions of anthropocentric and biocentric justifications in environmental ethics In-depth examinations of applied environmental problems, including climate change, animal rights, sustainability, and public policy Perfect for undergraduate and graduate students studying topics in ethics, the environment, law, and policy, Environmental Ethics will also earn a place in the libraries of philosophers with an interest in applied or environmental ethics, and industry consultants to ecologists, environmental scientists, or environmental policymakers.

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Michael Boylan
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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