Did God Really? Say

95 Theses on Your Victory over Sin through Jesus Christ. Complete edition with detailed study sections.
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Jesus Christ is calling you personally to walk on water with Him.

–If you are already doing it, you will know why.

–If you are not doing it yet, you will know how.

–If you think you can't, let us convince you otherwise.

In this book, you'll get a solid foundation from the Bible: What has God promised every Christian? And what has he not said? And how can what he has said become a reality in your life? In any case, you will study the Word of God intensively as never before. To sum up the message of these pages in one sentence is this: «Jesus Christ saves from the power of sin» Doesn't every serious Christian believe that? No, hardly any serious Christian believes that. In practice, we believe, «Jesus saves us from the guilt of sin. And mostly from greater sins. But not from lesser sins. And not so that we can truly and fundamentally have victory over sin.» Behind this is a theological system of unbelief inspired by the words of the serpent, «Did God really say?» Instead of believing our heart and the Scriptures, in our theology we place ourselves outside of Christ in prison walls of unbelief, on which hopelessness stands as a sentry, watching that no one escapes from the dungeon of eternal defeat before sin. And the fortress of evil thus fortified can only be broken open and destroyed by the explosive power of the united words of God. Can we not live liberated through Jesus Christ to the glory of the Father without having to weep every day over 1000 failures? Do we not have a Savior who contends and conquers for us? Let us set out for a Reformation20.de! If you are already following Jesus and longing as a child of God to experience the power of your Savior in your everyday life, then read this book: Did God Really? Say. 95 theses on your victory over sin through Jesus Christ. Read more on https://95thesenteil2.de including free version of the book with online translation into English.

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Heino Weidmann
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