The Mentor's Guide

Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships
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Explore the latest edition of an authoritative resource on professional and educational mentoring 

In the newly revised Third Edition of The Mentor’s Guide: Facilitating Effective Learning Relationships, veteran mentoring experts Lois J. Zachary and Lisa Z. Fain deliver a thoughtful and rich exploration of the critical process of mentoring. The book offers practical tools for facilitating the mentoring experience from beginning to end. 

In addition to walking you through the four phases of mentoring—preparing, negotiating enabling growth, and coming to closure—this important book provides: 

Brand-new content on diversity, inclusion, and equity, as well as tools to enhance virtual mentoring relationships The ethics of mentoring, including how to handle common ethical pitfalls and mistakes Hands-on worksheets and exercises to facilitate the mentoring and learning process Perfect for leaders, managers, and educators, in any career or professional setting, The Mentor’s Guide is an indispensable tool to help navigate your learning and mentoring journey.

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