Majoring in Psychology

Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals
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MAJORING IN PSYCHOLOGY The gold standard in preparing for an undergraduate education and career in psychology. In the newly revised Third Edition of Majoring in Psychology: Achieving Your Educational and Career Goals, distinguished psychologists and educators Drs. Jeffrey L. Helms and Daniel T. Rogers deliver an accessible and concise review of ideal strategies for embarking on a successful undergraduate career in psychology. Readers will discover the benefits of pursuing a psychology degree and learn how to prepare for a career in the field or to continue with graduate study. Filled with brand-new content, this edition includes updated statistics and links; increased considerations of issues of diversity, inclusion, and representation; new professional spotlights and insider’s perspectives; and an expansion of the information on careers in research. The book also offers a wide range of supplemental exercises and materials. The new edition includes access to significantly revised instructor’s materials, including accessible PowerPoint slides and an updated test bank for each chapter, as well as: A thorough introduction to succeeding in college, including important transitions to make, strategies to apply, and resources to access Comprehensive explorations of assessing and developing career goals and how to use a bachelor’s degree in psychology to prepare for the job market or graduate school Practical discussions of careers in the various subfields of psychology, from forensic psychology to academia An in-depth assessment of the modern career outlook for psychology majors Perfect for aspiring and current undergraduate students considering or undertaking an undergraduate course of study in psychology, Majoring in Psychology is an indispensable resource for anyone contemplating a career in clinical, counseling, forensic, or any other subfield of psychology.

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