Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Applications

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Thermal Energy Storage Systems and Applications Provides students and engineers with up-to-date information on methods, models, and approaches in thermal energy storage systems and their applications in thermal management and elsewhere Thermal energy storage (TES) systems have become a vital technology for renewable energy systems and are increasingly being used in commercial and industrial applications including space and water heating, cooling, and air conditioning. TES technology has the potential to be a sustainable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly approach for facilitating more effective use of thermal equipment and correcting the imbalance that can occur between the supply and demand of energy. The Third Edition of Thermal Energy Storage: Systems and Applications contains detailed coverage of new methodologies, models, experimental works, and methods in the rapidly growing field. Extensively revised and updated throughout, this comprehensive volume covers integrated systems with energy storage options, environmental impact and sustainability, design, analysis, assessment criteria, advanced tools in exergy and extended exergy, and more. New and expanded chapters address topics such as renewable energy systems in which thermal energy storage is essential, sensible and latent TES systems, and numerical modelling, simulation, and analysis of TES systems. Integrating academic research and practical information, this new edition: Discusses a variety of practical TES applications, their technical features, and potential benefits Explores recent developments and future directions in energy storage technologiesCovers the latest generation of thermal storage systems and a wide range of applications Features new chapters, case studies, and chapter problems throughout the textIncludes pertinent background information on thermodynamics, fluid flow, and heat transferContains numerous illustrative examples, full references, and appendices with conversion factors and thermophysical properties of various materials Thermal Energy Storage: Systems and Applications, Third Edition is the perfect textbook for advanced undergraduate and graduate courses in mechanical, chemical, and electrical engineering, and a highly useful reference for energy engineers and researchers.

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