Spiro Compounds

Synthesis and Applications
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SPIRO COMPOUNDS A comprehensive treatment of the latest research in, and applications of, spiro compounds Spiro Compounds: Synthesis and Applications combines discussions of the latest advances in spiro compound research with the most cutting-edge, real-world applications of that knowledge. This book provides in-depth coverage of the history, significance, properties, synthetic methods, and applications of spiro compounds. As interest in spiro compounds grows due to their unique conformational features and their structural implications on biological systems, Spiro Compounds delivers fulsome treatments of advances in spiro compound synthesis (including stereoselective synthesis) methodologies. With a special focus on the mechanisms of the reactions that lead to the synthesis of spiro compounds, chapters in the book cover topics such as: The history, significance, and unique properties of spiro compounds The most important methodologies for their synthesis The applications of spiro compounds in organic chemistry, biology, drug discovery The most important syntheses of natural products bearing a spiro ring Perfect for academic and industrial chemists, this comprehensive discussion of spirocycles is an indispensable resource for those practicing in the field.

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Ramon Rios Torres
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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