Nitric Oxide in Plants

A Molecule with Dual Roles
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ORGANIC REACTIONS Examines the beneficial roles of nitric oxide in growth and stress tolerance regulation through its involvement in tolerance mechanisms Studies have identified the central role of nitric oxide in stress mitigation through the modulation of physiological and biochemical pathways including germination, photosynthesis regulation, and programmed cell death. Nitric Oxide in Plants: A Molecule with Dual Roles provides a detailed account of the physio-biochemical, molecular, and omic basis of NO-mediated responses in crop plants under different stresses. Summarizing recent work from leading researchers in the field, this up-to-date volume presents the current understanding of the modulation of the endogenous nitric oxide concentration following exogenous treatments and nitric oxide scavengers or inhibitors. The contributors discuss topics such as NO-mediated regulation of growth, photosynthesis, and tolerance mechanisms, the reductive and oxidative pathways of NO synthesis, molecular interventions for enhancing NO synthesis, the role of nitrogen in production of NO, beneficial microbes in NO production under normal and changing environmental conditions, and more. Includes an overview of the biosynthesis and regulation of NO synthesis in plants Describes the enzymatic and non-enzymatic biosynthesis of NO and the influence of different stress factors on NO synthesis Explores the role of reactive oxygen, sulphur, and nitrogen species in stress signaling Discusses endogenous and exogenous NO in modifying the ascorbate-glutathione cycle Explains the crosstalk mechanisms underlying NO and phytohormones, including auxins, cytokinins, abscisic acid, and ethylene Nitric Oxide in Plants: A Molecule with Dual Roles is an essential resource for academics, students, and industry professionals studying the role of nitric oxide in environmental stress tolerance and its interaction with key signaling molecules.

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570 pp. 24 illustrations
Mohammad Abass Ahanger, Parvaiz Ahmad
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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