Nanovaccinology as Targeted Therapeutics

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NANOVACCINOLOGY AS TARGETED THERAPEUTICS The book presents the early-stage development of nanovaccines that could well be the new generation of vaccines which have a great potential for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.[/b] Nanovaccinology as Targeted Therapeutics explores recent breakthroughs in the exciting new field of micro- and nanofabricated engineered nanomaterials. In addition to spectroscopic characterizations, significant topics for interdisciplinary research, especially in the fields of nanogels, which deal with polymer chemistry, nanotechnology, materials science, pharmaceuticals, and medicine are explored, where their small dimensions prove highly advantageous. Nanovaccinology could potentially revolutionize conventional therapy and diagnostic methods due to its superior effectiveness over its macro-sized counterparts in almost all biomedical areas. Strong interest in this novel class of material has driven many studies to discover biogenic production methods and new areas of potential utilization in this area. Therefore, it is important to keep abreast of the development of these biomedical research aspects highlighted in the 19 chapters of this book written in diverse fields of studies, and their emerging applications utilized in next-generation techniques. Audience Biotechnologists, nanotechnologists, materials scientists, biochemists, medical biologists, drug delivery and formulation chemists, virologists and pharmacists.

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480 pp. 113 illustrations
Kaushik Pal
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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