High-Performance Materials from Bio-based Feedstocks

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High-Performance Materials from Bio-based Feedstocks

The latest advancements in the production, properties, and performance of bio-based feedstock materials

In High-Performance Materials from Bio-based Feedstocks, an accomplished team of researchers delivers a comprehensive exploration of recent developments in the research, manufacture, and application of advanced materials from bio-based feedstocks. With coverage of bio-based polymers, the inorganic components of biomass, and the conversion of biomass to advanced materials, the book illustrates the research and commercial potential of new technologies in the area.

Real-life applications in areas as diverse as medicine, construction, synthesis, energy storage, agriculture, packaging, and food are discussed in the context of the structural properties of the materials used. The authors offer deep insights into materials production, properties, and performance.

Perfect for chemists, environmental scientists, engineers, and materials scientists, High-Performance Materials from Bio-based Feedstocks will also earn a place in the libraries of academics, industrial researchers, and graduate students with an interest in biomass conversion, green chemistry, and sustainability.

A thorough introduction to the latest developments in advanced bio-based feedstock materials research Comprehensive explorations of a vast range of real-world applications, from tissue scaffolds and drug delivery to batteries, sorbents, and controlled release fertilizers Practical discussions of the organic and inorganic components of biomass and the conversion of biomass to advanced materials In-depth examinations of the structural properties of commercially and academically significant biomass materials For more information on the Wiley Series in Renewable Resources, visit www.wiley.com/go/rrs

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Andrew J. Hunt, Jesper T. N. Knijnenburg, Kaewta Jetsrisuparb, Nontipa Supanchaiyamat
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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