Design and Applications of Hydroxyapatite-Based Catalysts

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Design and Applications of Hydroxyapatite-Based Catalysts Essential reference for researchers and experts in industry highlighting the rapidly growing field of hydroxyapatite-based catalysts and their application in various chemical processes. Hydroxyapatite (Ca10(PO4)6(OH)2) is the main mineral component of human and animal bones. It is largely applied in the field of biomaterials due to its biocompatibility. Recently, hydroxyapatite-based materials have especially gained a lot of attention by researchers in catalysis, as they are versatile and have shown precious properties of a good catalyst and catalyst support such as excellent ion-exchange capacity, high porosity, very low water solubility, controlled basicity/acidity, and good thermal stability at high temperatures. Design and Applications of Hydroxyapatite-Based Catalysts gives a detailed overview of the synthesis, characterization, and use of hydroxyapatite-based materials in catalysis. It covers synthetic hydroxyapatites (from pure chemicals or waste), natural apatites and materials from eggshells and animal bones. The application of hydroxyapatite-based catalysts in selective oxidation, deoxygenation, selective hydrogenation, dehydrogenation reactions, organic synthesis, as well as reforming processes and production of energy carriers is reviewed. Moreover, electrocatalysis and photocatalysis using hydroxyapatite-based materials are discussed. Kinetic and mechanism studies of various chemical pro-cesses over hydroxyapatite-based catalysts are also presented. This is the first book solely dedicated to hydroxyapatite-based materials and their use in catalysis. Covers synthesis and characterization, surface and structure studies, kinetic and mechanism aspects, and various applications in heterogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, and photocatalysis. Aimed at further stimulating research in the field Design and Applications of Hydroxyapatite-Based Catalysts is an indispensable source-of-information for researchers in academia and industry working in catalysis.

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Doan Pham Minh
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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