Chiral Nanoprobes for Biological Applications

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A comprehensive overview exploring the biological applications of chiral nanomaterials Chirality has been the centerpiece of many multidisciplinary fields within the broader umbrella of the sciences. Recent advancements in nanoscience have spurred a growing interest in the dynamic field of chiral nanomaterials. In particular, the recent breakthroughs in chiral nanocrystals have presented an intriguing avenue whose potential application may address some key issues at the heart of nanosciences. While little attention has been focused on the biological implications of such advances, this arena is attracting theoretical and applicative interests. Seeking to provide a thorough introduction to the field as well as fill this gap in scholarship, Chiral Nanoprobes for Biological Applications first provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art development of strong chiroptical nanomaterials, describing how a synthesis and self-assembly approach can enable one to design and create a number of functional chiral nanomaterials. From there, the authors discuss the biological applications of chiral nanomaterials, such as extracellular bioanalysis, intracellular bioanalysis, and chiral recognition, as well as photothermal and photodynamics therapy. In doing so, the book seeks emphasize the potential in multidisciplinary approaches to this up-and-coming field. Chiral Nanoprobes for Biological Applications readers will also find: A particular emphasis on milestones achieved for key chiral nanoprobes research from the last five years A discussion of future research directions A helpful guide for new researchers and established professionals alike Chiral Nanoprobes for Biological Applications is a useful reference for materials scientists, biochemists, protein chemists, stereo chemists, polymer chemists, and physical chemists. It is also a useful tool for libraries.

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Chuanlai Xu
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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