The Builder's Guide to the Tech Galaxy

99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorn Companies
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Learn to scale your startup with a roadmap to the all-important part of the business lifecycle between launch and IPO In The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy: 99 Practices to Scale Startups into Unicorn Companies, a team of accomplished investors, entrepreneurs, and marketers deliver a practical collection of concrete strategies for scaling a small startup into a lean and formidable tech competitor. By focusing on the four key building blocks of a successful company – alignment, team, functional excellence, and capital—this book distills the wisdom found in countless books, podcasts, and the authors’ own extensive experience into a compact and accessible blueprint for success and growth. In the book, you’ll find: Organizational charts, sample objectives and key results (OKRs), as well as guidance for divisions including technology and product management, marketing, sales, people, and service operations Tools and benchmarks for strategically aligning your company’s divisions with one another, and with your organization’s “North Star” Templates and tips to attract and retain a triple-A team with the right scale-up mindset Checklists to help you attract growth capital and negotiate term sheetsPerfect for companies with two, ten, or one hundred employees, The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy belongs on the bookshelves of founders, managers, entrepreneurs, and other business leaders exploring innovative and proven ways to scale their enterprise to new heights.

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