Introduction to Sonar Transducer Design

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INTRODUCTION TO SONAR TRANSDUCER DESIGN A comprehensive introduction to sonar transducer design, complete with real world examples, step-by-step instruction, and detailed mathematical review In Introduction to Sonar Transducer Design, renowned sensor engineer Dr. John C. Cochran delivers an instructive and comprehensive exploration of the foundations of sonar transducer design perfect for beginning and experienced professional transducer designers. The book offers a detailed mathematical review of the subject, as well as fulsome design examples. Beginning with a description of acoustic wave propagation, along with a review of radiation from a variety of sources, the book moves on to discuss equivalent circuit models that explain wave propagation in solids and liquids. The book reviews examples of projectors and hydrophones accompanied by complete mathematical solutions. All included math is developed from first principles to a final solution using an intuitive, step-by-step approach. Introduction to Sonar Transducer Design offers professionals and students the analytical tools and assumptions required for start-to-finish transducer design. It also provides: A thorough introduction to acoustic waves and radiation, including small signals, linear acoustics, the equations of continuity, motion, the wave equation in a fluid media, and integral formulations Comprehensive explorations of the elements of transduction, including various forms of impedance, and mechanical and acoustical equivalent circuits, as well as their combination Practical discussions of waves in solid media, including homogeneous, isotropic, elastic, and solid media, piezoelectricity and piezoelectric ceramic materials, and waves in non-homogeneous, piezoelectric media In-depth examinations of sonar projectors and sonar hydrophones, including the elements and tools of sonar projector and sonar hydrophone design, as well as their applications Perfect for sonar system engineers, particularly those involved in defense, Introduction to Sonar Transducer Design will also earn a place in the libraries of acoustic, audio, underwater communication, and naval engineers.

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