Midnight Runner

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Undercover enforcer Sean Dillon is the target for a vengeance killer in this action-packed thriller from the master of the genre – the author of the international bestsellers DAY OF RECKONING and EDGE OF DANGER.A ruthless killer is seeking revenge – and she has Sean Dillon in her sights – in this adrenalin-fuelled adventure from the master of the modern thriller.The murderous Rashid family were forced to pay the ultimate price for their crimes by the British Government’s secret enforcer Sean Dillon and his undercover team. Yet one member of that oil-rich dynasty was allowed to live, and that could have been Dillon’s fatal mistake. Kate Rashid witnessed her brothers being killed one by one, and now she has sworn vengeance. Sean Dillon, White House operative Blake Johnson, even the US President himself… their time is coming, and only she knows how – or when.

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18 May 2019
260 pp. 3 illustrations
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