Carbonyl Compounds

Reactants, Catalysts and Products
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Carbonyl Compounds Discover how carbonyl compounds bridge reactants, catalysts, and specific products Carbonyl-containing molecules represent some of the most versatile functionalities in organic chemistry, with applications in a wide variety of areas. In Carbonyl Compounds: Reactants, Catalysts and Products, accomplished chemists and authors Feng Shi, Hongli Wang, and Xingchao Dai deliver a comprehensive treatment of these multi-functional compounds. You’ll discover how to build carbonyl molecules with traditional and non-traditional methods, how to transform carbonyl-containing molecules into fine chemicals, and how to use carbonyl-containing molecules as catalytic materials for the synthesis of fine chemicals. The book is a comprehensive and systematic treatment of carbonyl compounds as reactants, catalysts, and products. From the use of carbon monoxide in the hydroformylation of alkenes and alkynes to the reactions via carbonyl and hydroxyl groups recycling, you’ll find everything you need to know about these versatile compounds. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: A thorough introduction to carbonyl molecules as reactants, including treatments of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, HCHO, HCOOH, and CO surrogates An exploration of carbonyl compounds as catalysts, including acid catalyzed reactions with -CO2H and reactions via carbonyl and hydroxyl groups recycling A practical discussion of the synthetic applications of carbonyl compounds, including the synthesis of functional molecules and the synthesis of functional materials A concise treatment of future perspectives and potential research trends for carbonyl molecules Perfect for organic, catalytic, pharmaceutical, and physical chemists, Carbonyl Compounds will also earn a place in the libraries of chemical engineers and materials scientists seeking a one-stop reference for up-to-date information about the building, transformation, and applications of carbonyl-containing molecules.

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