Dan Gookin's Naked Office

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"The author's humor and his ability to keep the reader's attention are masterful." —Andy Barkl, Technical Reviewer Salve For Your Office Headaches! Covers Office 2003, XP and 2000—And Perfectly Useful for Office 97, Too! Is it the best thing since sliced bread? A bug-riddled piece of junk? Here, best-selling author Dan Gookin skillfully navigates between these two extremes, laying bare the best and worst of Office in order to help you achieve a single, all-important goal: working faster, easier, and smarter. You'll harness the real power of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook while avoiding their pitfalls—and you'll discover the ways they actually can be made to work together as a truly integrated suite. Dan Gookin's Naked Office means the end of Office-inspired headaches. (Well, the vast majority of them, anyway. He's not a miracle-worker, after all.) Expert Instruction to Change Office Life as You Know It (for the Better) Making a paragraph look the way you want it to look Understanding how styles work and making them work for you Locking a document to prevent changes, and tracking changes made by others Using Excel as a database–and not just for numbers Unraveling formulas and remembering what goes where Organizing e-mail with Outlook Getting the most out of Outlook's scheduling abilities Unlocking the mechanics and philosophy of PowerPoint presentations Oh, and of course–much, much more

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09 February 2018
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John Wiley & Sons Limited
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