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Teaching Academic and Social Skills Through RTI at Work™ (A guide to closing the systemic behavior gap through collaborative PLC and RTI processes)
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When students' behavioral, emotional, and social needs are met, they are better able to excel in school and in life. Take strategic action to begin closing the systematic behavior gap with the guidance of Behavior Solutions. This user-friendly resource outlines how to utilize the PLC at Work® and RTI at Work™ processes to create a three-tiered system of supports that is collaborative, research-based, and practical.

Use this resource to assess the current reality of your school or district's systemic behavior gap: Become familiar with student behaviors, emotions, and mental states and the challenges they provide to the implementation of educational initiatives. Learn why it is necessary for schools to embrace the PLC at Work and RTI at Work processes to ensure students' behavioral success with a multitiered system of support (MTSS). Study each tier of behavioral support–prevention, intervention, and remediation–to foster social-emotional learning (SEL). Understand how to construct successful behavior intervention processes at each behavioral tier. Read real-world examples and case studies of schools that implemented effective multitiered systems of behavior supports, then create your own action plan.

Contents: Introduction Part One: Building the Case–the Why Chapter 1: Assessing Your Current Reality Part Two: Connecting PLCs, RTI, and Behaviors–the What Chapter 2: Developing the Structure for Integrating PLCs, RTI, and Behavior Part Three: Implementing Behavior Solutions for Each Tier–the How Chapter 3: Implementing Behavior Solutions Tier 1–Prevention Chapter 4: Implementing Behavior Solutions Tier 2–Intervention Chapter 5: Implementing Behavior Solutions Tier 3–Remediation Epilogue Part Four: Improving and Sustaining the System–the Now What Appendix A: Establishing and Sustaining a System for Success Appendix B: Tier 1 Behavior PLC and RTI–From District Office to Every Classroom Case Study Resources and References Index

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  • Age restriction: 0+
  • Size: 300 pp. 171 illustrations
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