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What are the borders of risk? How is the perception of risk related to new technologies and digital changing? This book discusses these topics, moving from theories to research data, looking for concrete answers now, or taking a picture of reality. The volume is divided into three main sections: Exploring the Edges of Risk, according to sociological, psychological and artificial intelligence perspective; Technological and Digital Risks, exploring social media, cyberbullying, hate speech, social bots on digital platforms; Risk in the Cities, working with risk and deviance, risk communication, environmental and nuclear risks. Inside, research data from Europe, USA and Mexico are discussed.

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  • Size: 362 pp.
  • ISBN: 9783631827093
  • Total size: 13 MB
  • Total number of pages: 362
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  • Editors: Gevisa La Rocca, Juan Martínez Torvisco
  • Publisher: Peter Lang
  • Copyright: Ingram
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