The satisfaction of having achieved my aims

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"The story of my life is simple. So simple and moving like the ones of any other Italian immigrant. But the great desire and will to outdo oneself is what makes the difference between one and other, and I feel I have the satisfaction of having achieved my aims. Neither because I have had some public recognition nor because I got over my fellows, but because I overcame myself. I will feel actually satisfied if I can make people understand that I overcame myself because this is how I feel like every morning and every night. And I still go on trying to do so day after day" (Miguel Bornaschella).

"I met Miguel twenty years ago and he has always been good at re-telling anecdotes and stories. Most of them have been written here. Then I have pictured, no doubt, a very moving story. And as time went by, he trusted me to carry out this historical and personal account. He also gave me the chance to ask him again and once more, he gave me the necessary space to intrude on his privacy, his feelings and know much more than what was needed but all that my curiosity required to get a comprehensive view. Thanks to all this I have been able to picture before my eyes a story so moving that I am not sure my pen will be able to provide an accurate description" (Alberto Miramontes).

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  • Size: 350 pp. 107 illustrations
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