Polymers and Additives in Extreme Environments

Application, Properties, and Fabrication
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POLYMERS AND ADDITVES IN EXTREME ENVIRONMENTS Uniquely catalogs polymers and additives for uses in extreme applications such as in high or low pressure, high or low temperature, deep water and other special applications. The book includes chapters on aqueous environments including polymeric membranes for water purification and wastewater treatment; extreme pressure environments such as oils and lubricants for combustion engines as well as materials used for deep drilling such as surfactants, scale inhibitors, foaming agents, defoamers, propellants, fracturing fluids; extreme temperatures is subdivided in high and low temperature applications including gasketing materials, fuel tank sealants, expulsion bladders, fuel cell materials, and on the other hand, cold weather articles and thermoregulatory textiles; electrical applications include solar cell devices, triboelectric generators, fuel cell applications, electrochromic materials and batteries; medical applications include polymers for contact lenses, materials for tissue engineering, sophisticated drug delivery systems; aerospace applications include outer space applications such as low temperature and pressure, also cosmic rays, outgassing, and atomic erosion, as well as materials for electrostactic dissipative coatings and space suits; a final chapter detailing materials that are used in other extreme environments, such as adhesives, and polymeric concrete materials. Audience Materials and polymer scientists working in manufacturing and plastics, civil and mechanical engineers in various industries such as automotive, aircraft, space, marine and shipping, electronics, construction, electrical, etc. will find this book essential. The book will also serve the needs of engineers and specialists who have only a passing contact with polymers and additives in industrial setting need to know more.

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