Efficiently Studying Organic Chemistry

Exam Training for Chemists, Biochemists, Pharmacists, Life and Health Scientists
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Efficiently Studying Organic Chemistry Complete yet concise learning resource for organic chemistry exam training Based on the author’s extensive teaching experience, this unique textbook comprises the essentials of organic chemistry in 86 chapters as concise, self-contained units of study. Each chapter, visually presented as one or two double pages, includes questions to allow for immediate and effective self-examination. Answers are summarized in the appendix. Topics covered within the book include: Basic concepts (atomic and molecular orbitals, covalent bonding, hybridization, resonance, aromaticity) Molecular structure (atom connectivity, skeletal isomerism, conformation, configuration, chirality) The classes of organic compounds including natural products, polymers, and biopolymers Types, mechanisms, selectivity, and specificity of organic reactions Molecular structure elucidation (mass spectrometry, UV and visible light absorption, IR and NMR spectroscopy) Planning organic syntheses The perfect fit for bachelor and master students alike, this book is an all-in-one resource for efficiently studying and passing organic chemistry exams.

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