Viscoplastic Flow in Solids Produced by Shear Banding

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A complete overview of the topic of viscoplastic flow in metallic solids produced by shear banding 

This book presents novel ideas about inelastic deformation and failure of the material in a clear, concise manner. It exposes readers to information that will allow them to acquire the competence and ability to deal with up-to-date manufacturing and failure processes. It also portrays an interdisciplinary and revolutionary understanding of deformation processes in solids. Shear banding's typical mechanism becomes the active cause of viscoplastic flow and not the passive effect. 

Viscoplastic Flow in Metallic Solids Produced by Shear Banding begins with discussing the new physical model of multilevel hierarchy and evolution of micro-shear bands. It then covers the physical motivation and heuristic foundations of theoretical description concerning known results in the literature. It examines the difficulties of applying a direct multiscale integration scheme across the scales. It also presents an extension of the representative volume element (RVE) concept using the general theory of propagating the singular surfaces of the microscopic velocity field sweeping the RVE. It also reveals a new formulation of the description of the shear strain rate generated by the multilevel hierarchy of shear bands in the workflow integration approach, in which information from the simulation at different levels flows. This book: 

Presents fresh ideas about inelastic deformation and failure of materials Provides readers with the competence and ability to deal with up-to-date manufacturing and failure processes Sheds light on the interdisciplinary revolution in the recent understanding of deformation processes in solids Viscoplastic Flow in Metallic Solids Produced by Shear Banding will appeal to researchers studying physical foundations of inelastic deformation of materials and dealing with numerical simulations of manufacturing processes. It is also an excellent resource for graduate and postgraduate students of material science and mechanical engineering faculties.

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