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An Approach Towards Sustainable Technology
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SOIL BIOREMEDIATION A practical guide to the environmentally sustainable bioremediation of soilSoil Bioremediation: An Approach Towards Sustainable Technology provides the first comprehensive discussion of sustainable and effective techniques for soil bioremediation involving microbes. Presenting established and updated research on emerging trends in bioremediation, this book provides contributions from both experimental and numerical researchers who provide reports on significant field trials.Soil Bioremediation instructs the reader on several different environmentally friendly bioremediation techniques, including:Bio-sorptionBio-augmentationBio-stimulationEmphasizing molecular approaches and biosynthetic pathways of microbes, this one-of-a-kind reference focuses heavily on the role of microbes in the degradation and removal of xenobiotic substances from the environment and presents a unique management and conservation perspective in the field of environmental microbiology.Soil Bioremediation is perfect for undergraduate students in the fields of environmental science, microbiology, limnology, freshwater ecology and microbial biotechnology. It is also invaluable for researchers and scientists working in the areas of environmental science, environmental microbiology, and waste management.

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  • Editors: Abeer Hashem Abd Elkhalek Mahmoud, Javid A. Parray, Riyaz Sayyed
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