DNA- and RNA-Based Computing Systems

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Discover the science of biocomputing with this comprehensive and forward-looking new resource

DNA- and RNA-Based Computing Systems delivers an authoritative overview of DNA- and RNA-based biocomputing systems that touches on cutting-edge advancements in computer science, biotechnology, nanotechnology, and materials science. Accomplished researcher, academic, and author Evgeny Katz offers readers an examination of the intersection of computational, chemical, materials, and engineering aspects of biomolecular information processing.

A perfect companion to the recently published Enzyme-Based Computing by the same editor, the book is an authoritative reference for those who hope to better understand DNA- and RNA-based logic gates, multi-component logic networks, combinatorial calculators, and related computational systems that have recently been developed for use in biocomputing devices.

DNA- and RNA-Based Computing Systems summarizes the latest research efforts in this rapidly evolving field and points to possible future research foci. Along with an examination of potential applications in biosensing and bioactuation, particularly in the field of biomedicine, the book also includes topics like:

A thorough introduction to the fields of DNA and RNA computing, including DNA/enzyme circuits A description of DNA logic gates, switches and circuits, and how to program them An introduction to photonic logic using DNA and RNA The development and applications of DNA computing for use in databases and robotics Perfect for biochemists, biotechnologists, materials scientists, and bioengineers, DNA- and RNA-Based Computing Systems also belongs on the bookshelves of computer technologists and electrical engineers who seek to improve their understanding of biomolecular information processing. Senior undergraduate students and graduate students in biochemistry, materials science, and computer science will also benefit from this book.

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1000 pp. 676 illustrations
Evgeny Katz
John Wiley & Sons Limited
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