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This book, cohesively written by an expert author with supreme breadth and depth of perspective on polyurethanes, provides a comprehensive overview of all aspects of the science and technology on one of the most commonly produced plastics.<br /><br /> <ul> <li>Covers the applications, manufacture, and markets for polyurethanes, and discusses analytical methods, reaction mechanisms, morphology, and synthetic routes</li> <li>Provides an up-to-date view of the current markets and trend analysis based on patent activity and updates chapters to include new research</li> <li>Includes two new chapters on PU recycling and PU hybrids, covering the opportunities and challenges in both</li> </ul>

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  • Age restriction: 0+
  • Size: 509 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781119669463
  • Total size: 26 MB
  • Total number of pages: 509
  • Page size: x мм
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Copyright: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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