Hydraulic Fluid Power

Fundamentals, Applications, and Circuit Design
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HYDRAULIC FLUID POWER LEARN MORE ABOUT HYDRAULIC TECHNOLOGY IN HYDRAULIC SYSTEMS DESIGN WITH THIS COMPREHENSIVE RESOURCEHydraulic Fluid Power provides readers with an original approach to hydraulic technology education that focuses on the design of complete hydraulic systems. Accomplished authors and researchers Andrea Vacca and Germano Franzoni begin by describing the foundational principles of hydraulics and the basic physical components of hydraulics systems. They go on to walk readers through the most practical and useful system concepts for controlling hydraulic functions in modern, state-of-the-art systems.Written in an approachable and accessible style, the book’s concepts are classified, analyzed, presented, and compared on a system level. The book also provides readers with the basic and advanced tools required to understand how hydraulic circuit design affects the operation of the equipment in which it’s found, focusing on the energy performance and control features of each design architecture. Readers will also learn how to choose the best design solution for any application.Readers of Hydraulic Fluid Power will benefit from:Approaching hydraulic fluid power concepts from an “outside-in” perspective, emphasizing a problem-solving orientationAbundant numerical examples and end-of-chapter problems designed to aid the reader in learning and retaining the materialA balance between academic and practical content derived from the authors’ experience in both academia and industryStrong coverage of the fundamentals of hydraulic systems, including the equations and properties of hydraulic fluidsHydraulic Fluid Power is perfect for undergraduate and graduate students of mechanical, agricultural, and aerospace engineering, as well as engineers designing hydraulic components, mobile machineries, or industrial systems.

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