The Simple IPhone 12 Pro Max Photography User Guide For Seniors

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The Simple IPhone 12 Pro Max Photography User Guide For Seniors
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The Simple iPhone 12 Pro Max Photography User Guide for Seniors

Your Guide for Smartphone Photography for Taking Pictures like a Pro Even for the Elderly and Retired

Wendy Hills

© 2021 Wendy Hills

All rights reserved.

This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the use of brief quotations in a book review.

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The Simple iPhone 12 Pro Max Photography User Guide for Seniors

Your Guide for Smartphone Photography for Taking Pictures like a Pro Even for the Elderly and Retired

Wendy Hills


The advice and strategies found within may not be suitable for every situation. This work is sold with the understanding that neither the author nor the publisher is held responsible for the results accrued from the advice in this book.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the publisher, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Contents to Expect

About this Book for the Audience

Brand Statement


Chapter 1

Introducing the iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max Display and Design at a Glance

What’s New?

Basic Overview of Changes

iPhone 12 Pro Max Tech Specs

Available Colors


Physical Attributes


Resistant to Water and Dust


Processor or Chip


Video Recording Mode

True Depth Camera



SIM Card

In the Box

iPhone 12 Pro Max Operating System

iOS 14 Basic Overview

Home Screen and Widgets

App Library

Compact User Interface

Phone Calls

Face Time Calls


Picture in Picture

Third-Party Applications





Chapter 2

iPhone 11 Pro Max Vs iPhone 12 Pro Max

Design & Display

Physical Properties

Water and Dust Resistance


iPhone 12 Pro Max Vs iPhone 11 Pro Max

Augmented Reality (AR)




Unique Features of iPhone 12 Pro

Chapter 3

Smartphone Photography Overview

Introduction to Photography

Smartphone Photography

Develop Professional Photography Skills

Camera Apps to Use

Apple Photography Revamped

Chapter 4

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera Overview

iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera's in Focus

iPhone 12 Pro Camera Modes Overview

A New Day for the Night mode

Sixty Times More Colors

Switch between Different Lenses

Chapter 5

Basics of Capturing a Photo

Use of Different Modes

Night Mode

ProRAW Mode

Burst Mode

Telephoto Lens

Advance Volume Buttons Uses

Ultra-Wide Lenses for Ultra-Wide Photos.

Zoom in and Zoom out Features

Chapter 6

A Detailed View of Camera Settings

An Overview of Basic and Advanced Settings

In-depth Review of All the Advance settings

Camera App Settings

Tweaking the Settings of the Camera

Enabling Night and Deep Fusion Modes

Chapter 7

A Glance at Using the Camera

Taking a Photo


Taking a Video

Taking a Portrait Photo

Taking a Panorama Shot

Making a Slow-Mo

Taking a Selfie

Taking a Selfie in a Natural Light

Taking a Selfie at Night

Taking a Selfie Video

Taking a Live Photo

Taking a ProRAW Photo

Use of Focus

Use of Self-Timer

Chapter 8

Crafting, Editing, and Configuration

Creation of Animoji and Memoji



Sharing a Memoji with a Non-iPhone User

Third-Party Editing & Capturing Apps

Photo Editing Apps

Photo Capturing Apps

Accessing Hidden Camera Features

Open the Camera App in Seconds

Manual Focus Setup

Manual Exposure Setup

Focus & Exposure Lock

Click Photos with Volume Button

Capturing Photos with Apple’s Hands-free

Chapter 9

Advanced Photography and Lifestyle Capturing Tips for a Retiree

A whole new life: No more 9 to 5

Trips and Parties with Friends & Family

Hiking or Terrain Side Visits

Night-time Parties and Family Gatherings

Spend Time with Children

Stay Connected Socially and Virtually to the Loved Ones.


About this Book for the Audience

Thank you for ordering this premium book on how to use the iPhone 12 Pro Max Camera in your elderly life along with its basic uses and features. This book will help as a guide from a beginner to advanced level for anyone who was using an iPhone and switched to its newly introduced variant or migrating from other available devices to apple's iPhone, specifically iPhone 12 Pro Max. It will provide you with the most accurate information in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Also, if you're not tech-savvy, enjoying your retired elderly life, love photography along with a zeal to capture memorable parts of your life, and want to learn the basic and advanced use of the iPhone 12 Pro Max camera, this Guide is for you. Also, if you are a lover of social media, Vlogging, capturing, and recording special moments, this is a book you will love to read, it also includes some of the most amazing and cool tips and tricks to use the hidden features. It will serve as a permanent guide for your photography endeavor.

This book will do all it can to take away the rigors of researching how to perform various tasks on your new iPhone. It will also offer you a complete range of tips and tricks, hidden features overview and uses, from some of the most basic to more advanced features as a sort of knowledge base. So, if you an experienced iPhone user or a newbie, you will indeed find useful information related to iPhone photography and will be grateful you got your hands on this book.

If you or your friend is either switching to or buying an iPhone 12 Pro Max for the first time because of its amazing camera features and want to learn how to take great photos with a beast in hand, this is the book you should be recommending to him/her or buying for yourself so that you may never miss a chance to capture breathtaking photos of your retired life experiences and ventures.

Brand Statement

We will use this book as a fantastic user guide to help anyone who has purchased or wishes to purchase the iPhone 12 Pro Max phones. You will learn all about how to use your newly acquired iPhone 12 Pro Max for taking great pictures so that you can make the most out of your iPhone, either in social life, family use, business life, or during your retired life.


Switching from an Android phone to an iPhone comes with its share of challenges and, not surprisingly, many people find that it takes them some time to adjust to their new iPhones especially in the later stage of life.

For persons with love and passion for smartphone photography, having an iPhone becomes something more than just having a device for making and receiving calls, rather something that serves a higher purpose.

Beyond that, the iPhone is a flagship mostly because of the kind of camera and photo quality it possesses. But having a flagship without knowing how to use it is as good as not having it at all which is why a good book like this was written to make that learning phase easy on you. Through many hours of the best of research, you can finally be able to get the best results out of your device and use your iPhone 12 Pro Max to the best of its potential.

The amount of research put into writing this Guide was so that lovers of photography who have switched or are looking to switch to iPhone 12 Pro Max can get started with using both the basic and advanced features of their phones as soon as possible and use it to start producing photographs of startling effects.

As a photography lover, I love every moment of it. The iPhone has proven to be a life-changing experience for me because whenever I go for an evening walk, a movie night, a casual hang out with friends, or an official tour, there are always moments of interest that I want to document through photos. In such moments, having a professional camera is very useful for me, however, having my iPhone 12 Pro Max provides a great alternative to the professional camera since they are not easy to carry around with us everywhere.

While writing this Guide, I came across many hidden and not frequently used undiscovered features that many ordinary users will probably not be aware of or only probably stumble into in the course of trying to navigate their way through the phone. Some of these features are those used only by professionals who may not even be aware that the iPhone 12 Pro Max can do many of the things they think can only be achieved with their DSLR camera.

This book is a result of many hours of going through the iPhone some of which have some high learning curves because of their level of difficulty. These hidden features that many people may not realize they have in their hands and many more things are the things this book aims to share with you to take you to the pinnacle of photography.

Whether you are a beginner or photography savvy, you will find amazing content in this Guide to boost your skills and explore new things.

Chapter 1


Introducing the iPhone 12 Pro Max

Two main types of smartphones have dominated the phone market, iPhone, and Android. I will not be giving you a detailed comparison between both specs, details of both and the pros and cons of them can already be found on the internet, but I will only tell you about my personal experience.

For me, it would not have been possible to achieve my dream of smartphone photography without my iPhone. Without my iPhone, I simply would not have taken so many great photographs. So, for anyone who wants to take their smartphone photography to the next level or take great photos of their activities during their retired life having this book and an iPhone in their hand can make quite a lot of difference.

The most recent iPhones offered by Apple are as amazing as cell phones can be at this time. Apple has introduced four new phones in October 2020, namely: iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro max.

This means that there will be a lot more options for users to choose from. But in this book, we will be focusing our attention on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is in a phone that is in a class of its own because of its prominent refreshed design, amazing, powerful performance with the latest chip and processor, taking photography to the next level with the help of pro cameras, lightning-fast 5G, wireless charging, and sturdy screen (due to ceramic shield protection technology).

Apple has finally given us something that may not be so breathtaking, but rather gives a refreshing look. With the addition of widgets and freedom of default app choice, you feel more comfortable with it than ever before. Along with that, the privacy changes are a welcome development, and Apple has always been keen on providing its users a friendly touch. And the most amazing part of this iOS 14 update is that it is compatible with all the previously existing iPhone models along with all of these changes. So, this is excellent news for all the existing and new iPhone users as they can experience this new look together. In a nutshell, all of these changes are worth it, and it's time to say goodbye to the outdated, rigid grid.

iPhone 12 Pro Max will be love at first sight for the people who love photography or more specifically, smartphone photography because of its advanced camera features. It has a triple-lens camera (the third lens provides the zooming function). The thing that dramatically improves the photography experience in iPhone 12 Pro Max is the LiDAR sensor (Light Detection and Ranging Sensor). This sensor enables the camera to measure distances or ranges more efficiently, take pro-level photos in the dark, and provide faster performance.

All in all, the iPhone 12 Pro Max is an ideal choice for people interested in smartphone photography and want their phone camera photos to stand out.

iPhone 12 Pro Max Display and Design at a Glance

iPhone 12 lineup introduction got the most prominent and dramatic design upgrade it has seen in many years. This design shows a clear distinction from the typical design Apple has shown these few past years.

The new iPhone 12 Pro Max has flat metal edges, which resemble the design of vintage models like the iPhone 5s or the models before that. It also has a glass front and back, but retained the textured matte finish of the iPhone 11 Pro Max. These flat stainless-steel edges, gleaming like jewels, gives the phone a more distinguished and premium look.


iPhone12 Pro Max is covered by a layer of a ceramic shield, which is Apple's new technology for the protection of the phone to make it more rigid and according to the company, this shield makes the iPhone four times sturdier than its forerunners, meaning it has more chances of surviving a drop without getting any crack, breaking or scratches.

Apple further improved the iPhone 12 Pro Max's design by providing a bigger and better Super Retina XDR OLED 6.7-inch display; this was achieved by reducing the bezel (the borders that frame the screen) to make more room for the display. The front screen still has a top-notch where the front camera and face ID tech sensors are located. When changing from an older iPhone having an LCD, the display changes can be seen due to local dimming while watching a movie's dark scene.

Another notable thing is that the iPhone 12 Pro Max design is further supplemented by different colors, especially the pacific blue variant. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is also available in silver, gold, and graphite color.

What’s New?

This is a very lucky and exciting year for iPhone users, as the complete iPhone 12 line-up got some serious upgrades in design, features, and hardware.

The iPhone 12 Pro Max can be called the cream of this line-up with its out-of-world features, a stainless steel frame with shiny flat sides to give it a premium feel; a huge 6.7-inch Retina XDR display; a small notch, and more screen with high pixel density, which enables you to have a cinema-like experience.

It also features a rocket-fast A14 bionic chip with a powerful processor that has never been seen ever before to run your games and other applications at full potential without any lags or glitches.

Also included is the latest 5G technology for fast downloads and browsing; a new camera system with amazing features to take the day and night photography to the next level; some newly added features like LiDAR sensor and ProRAW, increased RAM, and huge storage space so that you can store anything you want in your phone; a strong body, which is protected by the Apple’s new protection technology known as Ceramic Shield which makes it four times stronger than the former models.

With all these, Apple has taken a huge leap towards the future, and in my view, it will reign supreme in the upcoming time with all these super amazing features.