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Is there sex in the offices? Of course, there is. This is what all office dwellers think and dream about. And here is one of these stories. The general director of the firm is tempted by his own accountant. But soon a more interesting and more active employee comes to work. Whom will the director choose? He likes both. Yes, and this contest for the title of the best man of the office and the best woman. Literally.

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  • Age restriction: 18+
  • Date added to LitRes: 12 July 2017
  • Size: 15 pp.
  • ISBN: 9785448541889
  • Copyright: Издательские решения
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Office sex. Work and erotica by Виталий Мушкин — ebook, download epub, txt, mobi, pdf or read online. Leave comments and reviews, vote for your favorite.

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