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The authoritative introduction to all aspects of plastics engineering – offering both academic and industry perspectives in one complete volume. 

Introduction to Plastics Engineering provides a self-contained introduction to plastics engineering. A unique synergistic approach explores all aspects of material use – concepts, mechanics, materials, part design, part fabrication, and assembly – required for converting plastic materials, mainly in the form of small pellets, into useful products. Thermoplastics, thermosets, elastomers, and advanced composites, the four disparate application areas of polymers normally treated as separate subjects, are covered together.

Divided into five parts – Concepts, Mechanics, Materials, Part Processing and Assembly, and Material Systems – this inclusive volume enables readers to gain a well-rounded, foundational knowledge of plastics engineering. Chapters cover topics including the structure of polymers, how concepts from polymer physics explain the macro behavior of plastics, evolving concepts for plastics use, simple mechanics principles and their role in plastics engineering, models for the behavior of solids and fluids, and the mechanisms underlying the stiffening of plastics by embedded fibers. Drawing from his over fifty years in both academia and industry, Author Vijay Stokes uses the synergy between fundamentals and applications to provide a more meaningful introduction to plastics.

Examines every facet of plastics engineering from materials and fabrication methods to advanced composites Provides accurate, up-to-date information for students and engineers both new to plastics and highly experienced with them Offers a practical guide to large number of materials and their applications Addresses current issues for mechanical design, part performance, and part fabrication Introduction to Plastics Engineering is an ideal text for practicing engineers, researchers, and students in mechanical and plastics engineering and related industries.

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