Corner-Office Courtship

From the series: Mills & Boon Cherish
From the series: The Camdens of Colorado #1
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When a CEO Comes A-Calling… What’s Natalie Morrison to do, especially when said CEO is Cade Camden? Not only did his family double-cross hers a few generations back, but this rich boy is so charismatic – just like the ex-husband who walked all over her. Nati won’t let herself swoon.Cade is on a mission for his grandmother – to make amends for the Camdens’s ruthless treatment of the Morrisons in the early days of Camden Incorporated. But is matchmaking Gran’s ulterior motive? Because there’s something so kissable about Nati…so tempting.He’s here to mend fences, but can he mend this woman’s broken heart too?

Detailed info
  • Age restriction: 0+
  • Size: 190 pp. 1 illustration
  • ISBN: 9781472004970
  • Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
  • Copyright: HarperCollins
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