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A practical and comprehensive reference that explores Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) in semiconductor components and electronic systems 

The ESD Handbook offers a comprehensive reference that explores topics relevant to ESD design in semiconductor components and explores ESD in various systems. Electrostatic discharge is a common problem in the semiconductor environment and this reference fills a gap in the literature by discussing ESD protection. Written by a noted expert on the topic, the text offers a topic-by-topic reference that includes illustrative figures, discussions, and drawings.

The handbook covers a wide-range of topics including ESD in manufacturing (garments, wrist straps, and shoes); ESD Testing; ESD device physics; ESD semiconductor process effects; ESD failure mechanisms; ESD circuits in different technologies (CMOS, Bipolar, etc.); ESD circuit types (Pin, Power, Pin-to-Pin, etc.); and much more. In addition, the text includes a glossary, index, tables, illustrations, and a variety of case studies.

Contains a well-organized reference that provides a quick review on a range of ESD topics Fills the gap in the current literature by providing information from purely scientific and physical aspects to practical applications Offers information in clear and accessible terms Written by the accomplished author of the popular ESD book series Written for technicians, operators, engineers, circuit designers, and failure analysis engineers, The ESD Handbook contains an accessible reference to ESD design and ESD systems.

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  • Size: 1171 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781119233107
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  • Publisher: Wiley
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