Defensive Strategy – Apple's Overlooked Key to Success

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Apple gets a lot of credit for being an innovative and cool brand. The purity in design, seamless interaction between hardware and software, as well as, the unique user-experience are usually its top-three key success factors highlighted. But, while that might be true, it is not the real secret behind its success: The underestimated and often overlooked truth lies in the way of how Apple protects its innovations. The objective of this work is to examine, why having a defense system in place, for immediate and appropriate response, is crucial for successful companies to sustain their profitability and position in the market at the same time. We will further analyze why leading incumbents fail to respond to offensive threats and lose their right to exist. Moreover, we will discuss the defensive strategies and tactics a company might utilize, when under attack. To visualize the need for and the effectiveness of successful defensive strategies, we will analyze the way how the Cupertino-based company has succeeded in retaining its leading position to become the business world's most valuable brand of today.

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  • Size: 90 pp. 9 illustrations
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