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The first and only comprehensive text on substrate-integrated mmW antenna technology, state-of-the-art antenna design, and emerging wireless applications 

Substrate-Integrated Millimeter-Wave Antennas for Next-Generation Communication and Radar Systems elaborates the most important topics related to revolutionary millimeter wave (mmW) technology. Following a clear description of fundamental concepts including substrate-integrated waveguides and loss analysis, the text treats key design methods, prototyping techniques, and experimental setup and testing. The authors also highlight applications of mmW antennas in 5G wireless communication and next-generation radar systems. Readers are prepared to put techniques into practice through practical discussions of how to set up testing for impedance matching, radiation patterns, gain from 24GHz up to 325 GHz, and textures for specific designs. 

This book will bring readers current, addressing state-of-the-art designs and recent progress in substrate-integrated mmW antennas for emerging wireless applications. Substrate-Integrated Millimeter-Wave Antennas for Next-Generation Communication and Radar Systems is the first comprehensive text on the topic, allowing readers to quickly master mmW technology. This book: 

Introduces basic concepts such as metamaterials Huygens's surface, zero-index structures, and pattern synthesis Describes prototyping in the form of fabrication based on printed-circuit-board, low-temperature-co-fired-ceramic and micromachining Explores applications for next-generation radar and imaging systems such as 24-GHz and 77-GHz vehicular detection radar systems Elaborates design methods including waveguide-based feeding network, three-dimensional feeding structure, dielectric loaded aperture antenna element, and low-sidelobe synthesis The millimeter wave is one of today’s most important emerging technologies. This book provides graduate students, researchers, and engineers with the knowledge they need to deploy mmW systems and develop new antenna designs with low cost, low loss, and low complexity.

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  • Size: 315 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781119611127
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  • Editors: Xianming Qing, Zhi Ning Chen
  • Publisher: Wiley
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