Physiology of Salt Stress in Plants

Perception, Signalling, Omics and Tolerance Mechanism
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PHYSIOLOGY OF SALT STRESS IN PLANTS Discover how soil salinity affects plants and other organisms and the techniques used to remedy the issue In Physiology of Salt Stress in Plants, an editorial team of internationally renowned researchers delivers an extensive exploration of the problem of soil salinity in modern agricultural practices. It also discusses the social and environmental issues caused by salt stress. The book covers the impact of salt on soil microorganisms, crops, and other plants, and presents that information alongside examinations of salt’s effects on other organisms, including aquatic fauna, terrestrial animals, and human beings. Physiology of Salt Stress in Plants describes the morphological, anatomical, physiological, and biochemical dimensions of increasing soil salinity. It also discusses potential remedies and encourages further thought and exploration of this issue. Readers are encouraged to consider less hazardous fertilizers and pesticides, to use safer doses, and to explore and work upon salt resistant varieties of plants. Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of: Thorough introductions to salt stress perception and toxicity levels and the effects of salt stress on the physiology of crop plants at a cellular level Explorations of the effects of salt stress on the biochemistry of crop plants and salt ion transporters in crop plants at a cellular level Practical discussions of salt ion and nutrient interactions in crop plants, including prospective signalling, and the effects of salt stress on the morphology, anatomy, and gene expression of crop plants An examination of salt stress on soil chemistry and the plant-atmosphere continuum Perfect for researchers, academics, and students working and studying in the fields of agriculture, botany, entomology, biotechnology, soil science, and plant physiology, Physiology of Salt Stress in Plants will also earn a place on the bookshelves of agronomists, crop scientists, and plant biochemists.

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  • ISBN: 9781119700487
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  • Editors: Dr. Sheo Mohan Prasad, Madhulika Singh, Pratibha Singh, Rajiv Kumar Singh
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Copyright: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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