Photovoltaic Manufacturing

Etching, Texturing, and Cleaning
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PHOTOVOLTAIC MANUFACTURING This book covers the state-of-the-art and the fundamentals of silicon wafer solar cells manufacturing, written by world-class researchers and experts in the field. High quality and economic photovoltaic manufacturing is central to realizing reliable photovoltaic power supplies at reasonable cost. While photovoltaic silicon wafer manufacturing is at a mature, industrial and mass production stage, knowing and applying the fundamentals in solar manufacturing is essential to anyone working in this field. This is the first book on photovoltaic wet processing for silicon wafers, both mono- and multi-crystalline. The comprehensive book provides information for process, equipment, and device engineers and researchers in the solar manufacturing field. The authors of the chapters are world-class researchers and experts in their field of endeavor. The fundamentals of wet processing chemistry are introduced, covering etching, texturing, cleaning and metrology. New developments, innovative approaches, as well as current challenges are presented. Benefits of reading the book include: The book includes a detailed discussion of the important new development of black silicon, which is considered to have started a new wave in photovoltaics and become the new standard while substantially lowering the cost. Photovoltaics are central to any country’s “New Green Deal” and this book shows how to manufacture competitively. The book’s central goal is to show photovoltaic manufacturing can be done with enhanced quality and lowering costs. Audience Engineers, chemists, physicists, process technologists, in both academia and industry, that work with photovoltaics and their manufacture.

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