Photo- and Electro-Catalytic Processes

Water Splitting, N2 Fixing, CO2 Reduction
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Explore green catalytic reactions with this reference from a renowned leader in the field Green reactions—like photo-, photoelectro-, and electro-catalytic reactions—offer viable technologies to solve difficult problems without significant damage to the environment. In particular, some gas-involved reactions are especially useful in the creation of liquid fuels and cost-effective products. In Photo- and Electro-Catalytic Processes: Water Splitting, N2 Fixing, CO2 Reduction, award-winning researcher Jianmin Ma delivers a comprehensive overview of photo-, electro-, and photoelectron-catalysts in a variety of processes, including O2 reduction, CO2 reduction, N2 reduction, H2 production, water oxidation, oxygen evolution, and hydrogen evolution. The book offers detailed information on the underlying mechanisms, costs, and synthetic methods of catalysts. Filled with authoritative and critical information on green catalytic processes that promise to answer many of our most pressing energy and environmental questions, this book also includes: Thorough introductions to electrocatalytic oxygen reduction and evolution reactions, as well as electrocatalytic hydrogen evolution reactions Comprehensive explorations of electrocatalytic water splitting, CO2 reduction, and N2 reduction Practical discussions of photoelectrocatalytic H2 production, water splitting, and CO2 reduction In-depth examinations of photoelectrochemical oxygen evolution and nitrogen reductionPerfect for catalytic chemists and photochemists, Photo- and Electro-Catalytic Processes: Water Splitting, N2 Fixing, CO2 Reduction also belongs in the libraries of materials scientists and inorganic chemists seeking a one-stop resource on the novel aspects of photo-, electro-, and photoelectro-catalytic reactions.

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