Perovskite Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications

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PEROVSKITE MATERIALS FOR ENERGY AND ENVIRONMENTAL APPLICATIONS The book provides a state-of-the-art summary and discussion about the recent progress in the development and engineering of perovskite solar cells materials along with the future directions it might take. Among all 3rd generation solar cells, perovskite solar cells have recently been attracting much attention and have also emerged as a hot research area of competing materials for silicon PV due to their easy fabrication, long charge-carrier lifetime, low binding energy, low defect density, and low cost.?? This book focuses primarily on the perovskite structures and utilizes them in modern technologies of photovoltaics and environmental applications. It will be unique in terms of the use of perovskite structures in solar cell applications. This book also discusses the type of perovskites, their synthetic approach, and environmental and solar cell applications. The book also covers how perovskite solar cells originated and the recent advances in perovskite solar cells.???? The reader will find in this book a lucid account that: Introduces the history of perovskite materials. Explores perovskite materials for energy conversion and environmental-related applications.?? Covers perovskite light absorber materials for the fabrication of high-performance perovskite solar cells.?? Describes the device architectures and physics of perovskite solar cells.?? Discusses the role of perovskite absorber, electron transport, and hole transport materials layers.?? Audience The book is essential reading for all those in the photovoltaic community, including materials scientists, surface physicists, surface chemists, solid-state physicists, solid-state chemists, and electrical engineers.??

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