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Learn more about foundational and advanced topics in metabolic engineering in this comprehensive resource edited by leaders in the field

Metabolic Engineering: Concepts and Applications delivers a one-stop resource for readers seeking a complete description of the concepts, models, and applications of metabolic engineering. This guide offers practical insights into the metabolic engineering of major cell lines, including E. Coli, Bacillus and Yarrowia Lipolytica, and organisms, including human, animal, and plant). The distinguished editors also offer readers resources on microbiome engineering and the use of metabolic engineering in bioremediation.

Written in two parts, Metabolic Engineering begins with the essential models and strategies of the field, like Flux Balance Analysis, Quantitative Flux Analysis, and Proteome Constrained Models. It also provides an overview of topics like Pathway Design, Metabolomics, and Genome Editing of Bacteria and Eukarya.

The second part contains insightful descriptions of the practical applications of metabolic engineering, including specific examples that shed light on the topics within. In addition to subjects like the metabolic engineering of animals, humans, and plants, you’ll learn more about:

Metabolic engineering concepts and a historical perspective on their development The different modes of analysis, including flux balance analysis and quantitative flux analysis An illuminating and complete discussion of the thermodynamics of metabolic pathways The Genome architecture of E. coli, as well as genome editing of both bacteria and eukarya An in-depth treatment of the application of metabolic engineering techniques to organisms including corynebacterial, bacillus, and pseudomonas, and more Perfect for students of biotechnology, bioengineers, and biotechnologists, Metabolic Engineering: Concepts and Applications also has a place on the bookshelves of research institutes, biotechnological institutes and industry labs, and university libraries. It's comprehensive treatment of all relevant metabolic engineering concepts, models, and applications will be of use to practicing biotechnologists and bioengineers who wish to solidify their understanding of the field.

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  • Editors: Gregory Stephanopoulos, Jens Petter Nielsen, Sang Yup Lee
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Copyright: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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