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Unites a biological and a biotechnological perspective on cyanobacteria, and includes the industrial aspects and applications of cyanobacteria

Cyanobacteria Biotechnology offers a guide to the interesting and useful features of cyanobacteria metabolism that keeps true to a biotechnology vision. In one volume the book brings together both biology and biotechnology to illuminate the core acpects and principles of cyanobacteria metabolism.

Designed to offer a practical approach to the metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria, the book contains relevant examples of how this metabolic «module» is currently being engineered and how it could be engineered in the future. The author includes information on the requirements and real-world experiences of the industrial applications of cyanobacteria. This important book:

Brings together biology and biotechnology in order to gain insight into the industrial relevant topic of cyanobacteria Introduces the key aspects of the metabolism of cyanobacteria Presents a grounded, practical approach to the metabolic engineering of cyanobacteria Offers an analysis of the requirements and experiences for industrial cyanobacteria Provides a framework for readers to design their own processes Written for biotechnologists, microbiologists, biologists, biochemists, Cyanobacteria Biotechnology provides a systematic and clear volume that brings together the biological and biotechnological perspective on cyanobacteria.

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  • ISBN: 9783527824922
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  • Editor: Paul Hudson
  • Publisher: Wiley
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