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Clinical Pancreatology Since the book Clinical Pancreatology for Practising Gastroenterologists and Surgeons was first published sixteen years ago, the knowledge and clinical management of pancreatic diseases have developed markedly. Thanks to the development of the translational research and the from bench to bedside concept, much progress from the lab has been applied to clinical practice. In addition, several highly relevant clinical trials published over the last years have resulted in the update and optimisation of clinical guidelines.A new and validated classification of severity and complications of acute pancreatitis is firmly rooted in clinical practice and has been the basis for the development of minimally invasive approaches to pancreatic necrosis. The etiopathogenic knowledge of chronic pancreatitis and other pancreatopaties, like that associated with diabetes mellitus, has developed significantly. Especially important has been the development of the field of cystic pancreatic tumours, which has been reflected in the publication of several guidelines and consensus reports over the last few years. Most research efforts have focused on pancreatic cancer, which have led and will further lead to a significant increase in the therapeutic armamentarium against this devastating disease. Finally, many newly published studies have changed the concept, causes, clinical relevance, diagnosis and treatment of exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.This new edition of Clinical Pancreatology for Practising Gastroenterologists and Surgeons has enjoyed the collaboration of the world’s leading experts in each of the areas of clinical pancreatology with the aim of facilitating gastroenterologists, surgeons, oncologists, internists, nutritionists, diabetologists, paediatricians, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists in their decision making when facing patients with pancreatic diseases in their daily clinical practice. All in all, this book supplies an indispensable update of the relevant aspects of clinical pancreatology.

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