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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the many advances that have been made in the field of longitudinal survey methodology over the past twelve years, as well as slightly extending the topic coverage of the earlier volume, “Methodology of Longitudinal Surveys.” As such, it describes the state of the art in designing, implementing, and analysing longitudinal surveys.

The greatly expanded enthusiasm for longitudinal surveys has brought with it a thirst for knowledge about the best ways to design and implement such surveys. Considerable advances in knowledge have been made in recent years in areas that are covered in this book that encompasses all stages of the design and implementation of longitudinal surveys.

Topics include:

Dynamic sampling for the representation of dynamic populations; Methods for tracking mobile sample members over time; Methods for maintaining co-operation over time; Targeted design features for response maximisation; The use of longitudinal survey paradata for field management; Advances in dependent interviewing techniques; This book is an invaluable resource providing deeper insight into longitudinal surveys.

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