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3D and Circuit Integration of MEMS Explore heterogeneous circuit integration and the packaging needed for practical applications of microsystemsMEMS and system integration are important building blocks for the “More-Than-Moore” paradigm described in the International Technology Roadmap for Semiconductors. And, in 3D and Circuit Integration of MEMS, distinguished editor Dr. Masayoshi Esashi delivers a comprehensive and systematic exploration of the technologies for microsystem packaging and heterogeneous integration. The book focuses on the silicon MEMS that have been used extensively and the technologies surrounding system integration.You’ll learn about topics as varied as bulk micromachining, surface micromachining, CMOS-MEMS, wafer interconnection, wafer bonding, and sealing. Highly relevant for researchers involved in microsystem technologies, the book is also ideal for anyone working in the microsystems industry. It demonstrates the key technologies that will assist researchers and professionals deal with current and future application bottlenecks.Readers will also benefit from the inclusion of:A thorough introduction to enhanced bulk micromachining on MIS process, including pressure sensor fabrication and the extension of MIS process for various advanced MEMS devicesAn exploration of epitaxial poly Si surface micromachining, including process condition of epi-poly Si, and MEMS devices using epi-poly SiPractical discussions of Poly SiGe surface micromachining, including SiGe deposition and LP CVD polycrystalline SiGeA concise treatment of heterogeneously integrated aluminum nitride MEMS resonators and filtersPerfect for materials scientists, electronics engineers, and electrical and mechanical engineers, 3D and Circuit Integration of MEMS will also earn a place in the libraries of semiconductor physicists seeking a one-stop reference for circuit integration and the practical application of microsystems.

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  • Editor: Masayoshi Esashi
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