Techniques and Methods in Urban Remote Sensing

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An authoritative guide to the essential techniques and most recent advances in urban remote sensing

Techniques and Methods in Urban Remote Sensing offers a comprehensive guide to the recent theories, methods, techniques, and applications in urban remote sensing. Written by a noted expert on the subject, this book explores the requirements for mapping impervious surfaces and examines the issue of scale. The book covers a range of topics and includes illustrative examples of commonly used methods for estimating and mapping urban impervious surfaces, explains how to determine urban thermal landscape and surface energy balance, and offers information on impacts of urbanization on land surface temperature, water quality, and environmental health.

Techniques and Methods in Urban Remote Sensing brings together in one volume the latest opportunities for combining ever-increasing computational power, more plentiful and capable data, and more advanced algorithms. This allows the technologies of remote sensing and GIS to become mature and to gain wider and better applications in environments, ecosystems, resources, geosciences, geography and urban studies. This important book: 

Contains a comprehensive resource to the latest developments in urban remote sensing Explains urban heat islands modeling and analysis Includes information on estimating urban surface energy fluxes Offers a guide to generating data on land surface temperature Written for professionals and students of environmental, ecological, civic and urban studies, Techniques and Methods in Urban Remote Sensing meets the demand for an updated resource that addresses the recent advances urban remote sensing.

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