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The Influences of Michael Watts
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An international group of distinguished scholars pay homage to and build on the work of one of the most influential thinkers of our time, Michael Watts.

Shows how Michael Watts’ research, writings, teaching and mentoring have relentlessly pushed boundaries, transforming his chosen field of geography and beyond Spans an array of topics including the political economy and ecology of African societies, governmentality and territoriality in various Southern contexts, food security, cultural materialist expositions of capitalism, modernity and development across the postcolonial world Builds on his legacy, exploring its theoretical, analytical, and empirical implications and proposing exciting new possibilities for further exploration in the tracks of Watts

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  • Date added to LitRes: 25 September 2018
  • Size: 241 pp.
  • ISBN: 9781119184782
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  • Editors: Jesse Ribot, Sharad Chari, Susanne Freidberg, Vinay Gidwani, Wendy Wolford
  • Publisher: Wiley
  • Copyright: John Wiley & Sons Limited
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