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In this exciting 2 volume set, the approach and methodology of bio-inspired synthesis of complex natural products is laid out, backed by abundant practical examples from the authors' own work as well as from the published literature. <p><b>Volume 1</b> describes the biomimetic synthesis of alkaloids.</p> <p><b>Volume 2</b> covers terpenes, polyketides, and polyphenols.</p> <p>A discussion of the current challenges and frontiers in biomimetic synthesis concludes this comprehensive handbook.</p> <p><b>Key features:</b></p> <ul> <li>Biomimetic Strategies have become an every-day tool not only for chemists but also for biologists. The synthetic applications are overwhelming, making this comprehensive 2 volume work a must-have for everyone working in the field.</li> <li>Unifying both synthetic and biosynthetic aspects, this book covers everything from organocatalysis and natural product synthesis to synthetic biology and even green chemistry.</li> </ul>

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