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The aim of this book is to reflect the current cutting-edge thinking and established practices in the investigation of queueing systems and networks. <p>This second volume includes eight chapters written by experts wellknown in their areas. The book conducts a stability analysis of certain types of multiserver regenerative queueing systems; a transient evaluation of Markovian queueing systems, focusing on closed-form distributions and numerical techniques; analysis of queueing models in service sectors using analytical and simulation approaches; plus an investigation of probability distributions in queueing models and their use in economics, industry, demography and environmental studies. <p>This book also considers techniques for the control of information in queueing systems and their impact on strategic customer behavior, social welfare and the revenue of monopolists. In addition, applications of maximum entropy methods of inference for the analysis of a stable M/G/1 queue with heavy tails, and inventory models with positive service time – including perishable items and stock supplied using various algorithmic control policies ((s; S); (r;Q), etc.).

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