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The aim of this book is to reflect the current cutting-edge thinking and established practices in the investigation of queueing systems and networks. <p>This first volume includes ten chapters written by experts well-known in their areas. The book studies the analysis of queues with interdependent arrival and service times, characteristics of fluid queues, modifications of retrial queueing systems and finite-source retrial queues with random breakdowns, repairs and customers' collisions. Some recent tendencies in the asymptotic analysis include the average and diffusion approximation of Markov queueing systems and networks, the diffusion and Gaussian limits of multi-channel queueing networks with rather general input flow, and the analysis of two-time-scale nonhomogenous Markov chains using the large deviations principle. <p>The book also analyzes transient behavior of infinite-server queueing models with a mixed arrival process, the strong stability of queueing systems and networks, and applications of fast simulation methods for solving high-dimension combinatorial problems.

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