Bloody Dawn. Daughter of Dawn

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Translator Natalia Lilienthal

© Natalie Yacobson, 2021

© Natalia Lilienthal, translation, 2021

ISBN 978-5-0055-2890-2

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The red color seems to be a mixture of fire, poison and blood. Is wearing red a privilege? The red is color of cardinals. He noticed her, because she was in red. No, not only therefore. In fact, she was more beautiful than everything you can only imagine. But she posed a danger.

Her fast swift gait resembled a flight. A scarlet cloud around her shoulders resembled both the flame and blood. In combination with the gold curls, it just suggested the thought of the sunrise. But now was sunset.

He looked at her again. It should be like a punishing angel. In her beauty there was not the slightest hint of kindness or condescension. Light strands are more reminded of gold left in the darkness than the sun’s rays.

«Sun, gold, and a dawn which are frozen in the gold coins. Is it all not a part of one whole? Fold all together and discover from whom all this is?»

Someone said these words or did it seem? They have a hissing echo reflected from the walls, filling out all the space. The view of the stranger suddenly appealed to him. She did not open the lips, but he clearly heard a single word.


It echoed not from the walls, from his own heart. Nothing more frightening and attractive and imagined it was impossible.

«Dennitsa is the source of all the wonderful, which is only on the Earth.»

He was amazed

.In front of the eyes, it seemed to flash lightning, brightly illuminating evil and hypocrisy around him. He, the servant of God, the only one who is sinful here. So told her eyes. And then something flashed in them, as if the image of the unearthly battle. He saw a piece of blood-red sky between the massive columns, the supernatural creatures were fighting, they screamed and throw lightning on each other. Meanwhile, the girl approached. He did not immediately notice the dagger in her hand.

Already later, settled on the floor in the blood, he thought that he had just seen an angel. This moment turned into unbearable pain in the eyes and wound in the heart. The blade entered deep into the flesh. And all… There was no living angel near. There was a winged statue in the niche, but it was not alive. He lived until his blood was absorbed into the marble floor.


«Why every time when I close my eyes, it seems to me that you betray me, my angel…»

A beautiful statue in the niche, of course, did not answer. He always prayed to her silently. So today he did not say these words out loud, they sounded somewhere deep in the subconscious, but, as before they burned. It was true. Every time he looked at his heavenly patron, for some reason he had come to the thoughts about betrayal.

Beautiful angel affects impassively. Ferdinand always looked at her carefully, from the bottom up, with endless respect, but the heart fluttered. In front of him in the Majestic Cathedral was his only earthly love for many years. She was from stone. The statue always caused a thrill in him. Infinitely beautiful, elegant, deified. Not a young man and not a girl, but feminine it was much more than even painted the imagination. Reviving, this angel could naturally become only a girl.

Ferdinand shook his head, and blond hair slightly lasted the neck. Someone seemed to whispered him on the ears of the upcoming betrayal. What are thin annoying voices!

Obsession, so would it be called by his order. To hear the tempting voices is obsession. He is tempting by the devil. It is better not to believe him. But words in the brain have always sounded like a prophecy.

Just a few words. And they did not have anything to do with the creature which he prayed.

How can an angel betray him? Or how can he himself betray his angel?

«It’s time!» The harsh hand of the mentor laid on his shoulder. Not for the first time he shuddered from its gravity. It was time to accept the honorable purpose. This time he was chosen.. And it was an unheard honor, because the following elections will take place only after a few centuries.

Ferdinand silently nodded. He knew that it was time to go. The moment of initiation has come, but the statue as if did not let him go. He asked permission from her. He needed her blessing and, perhaps, even help. So that his hand does not flinch into a decisive moment. But it seemed to him that the angel whispered «Go! … with my curse!»

How terrifyingly calm was a voice that was echoed in his brain.

Ferdinand could not understand anything. After all, it is assigned a sacred mission. He will be the right hand of God hitting the devil. Is an angel should not encourage him?

But time has already come. It was impossible to postpone longer. Ferdinand went behind the mentor. He had to feel joy and pride, but did not experience any other. Only emptiness. The feeling that everything is already predetermined and his choice will not change anything, pressed by unbearable severity. He felt sentenced, and not chosen.

«This is an evil spirit tempting you,» said his mentor. «This is he suggests his demons to chip different tricks. So you will see the truth as in the mirror curve.»

They all had a worthy answer. The devil tempted the people of the centuries ago and continued to do it now, naturally and the answers to eternal questions remained those themselves. The religion itself was built so that it was impossible to suspect a lie. But some kind of false was. Ferdinand just could not understand what it was.

Some danger hovered inside these walls, and not from the outside. What is a pity, because he is used to that these walls have become sheltered from the wrongness of people. The outside world is full of sins, and here reigned a blessed peace. But the darkness invaded it.

The heads of the Order explained his condition by the fact that he feels the approaching only an emerging danger, with which they were obliged to fight every few centuries. Therefore, chose him. At least, so he was told. Only he suspected another.

Ferdinand was walking through long corridors and felt something like the wings. They spoke, these are pigeons nest under the roof. It was forbidden to drive them from here. White pigeons! But recently Ferdinand remarked several blacks. They looked at him for a long time, and, it seemed, their tiny red eyes silently laugh.

In any case, the birds were very small, and he heard the rustle of some huge wings. More than the wings of eagle. There were the wings with a size as a human body.

As a nobleman he himself hunted on birds with a bow and arrows. Now he was in a cassock, but the vision of hunt, still did not leave him. In these visions, he often pursued a huge bird, and shot a creature similar to a person with huge black wings. The winged creature is dead on the sand. He woke up with the feeling that his hands are in the blood and a greater heaviness was on the heart, than even if he killed an ordinary person.

«Dream is nothing!» the voice of a priest whispered to him through the cover of the end of confessional. Once Ferdinand looked and saw in this end, instead of a wrinkled face of the priest, an elegant face of an angel statue with bleeding eyes. It seemed to him that it was not marble, but alive. And it was not a dream.

«Keep silence, if you think that others will not understand you,» said the beautiful creature. And the words crashed into the brain as the island of blades.

And yet Ferdinand did not have to talk to another about his visions. He just needed to find someone who would understand it. Many honored elders in the monastery listened to him with attention, but could not really explain anything. From him, he was always separated only by common phrases, and in the air remained a feeling of innocence.

After a long conversation, which did not know anything, he had a strange feeling, as if something was hidden from him. It was better to be silent.

Today, he did not need words. It was the night of initiation. The chapel resembled a hall for solemn meetings. Candles, crowd, official clergy robes, a bowl for communities filled with the blood of his fellows. Today it was blood, and not wine. On the ranks was a ritual knife. Each of those present was supposed to make an incision on his wrist and drop into the bowl of their own blood. Thus, they all gave their strength to one vessel. From this vessel is intended to start to someone who is elected to fight evil.

All the assembled should have supported one favorite. He could alone not cope with the mission entrusted to him. So read the sacred prophecy. But why then assign such a responsible task to someone? And rather to him.

Well, everyone dedicated to the Order was obliged to consult that he was on self-sacrifice. Only here to sacrifice themselves they did not want too much. Ferdinand saw how reluctantly they raise the sleeves and bring a knife to the wrist. They did not want to sacrifice even a drop of blood. But it was originally believed that on the altar of struggle against evil they would bring their own life.

The bowl was filled with their blood mixed with consecrated wine, and Ferdinand felt like a dizziness covered him.

Somewhere on the choir were heard the sounds of the anthem of a terrible court.

«And God will put forward his son against the devil…»

Ferdinand nodded to the head of the order. It seems to be to say «Amen», but he forgot… he forgot that he needs to do and say.

The name of order was a palm of god or Order of Dawn. They were called so and so, and the ordinary brothers called the faithful to God. He used to like it, as it sounds. Previously… Now something has become different, as if the winged shadow laid on the altar, and suddenly he was afraid.


Ferdinand bowed his knees before the altar. The bowl with blood has already passed in a circle to the head of the Order, the older Donatello. It was he who had to make the deepest incision and fill to the edges the remainder of the bowl. So he passed his strength and ancient wisdom. Together with blood. Ferdinand was not right to object to it. To his surprise, he did not feel the disgust with the thought of the taste of blood and that he would have to drain the whole glass. Only the feeling of inevitability.

«Every year we are waiting for the appearance of a star, which will indicate the proximity of the execution of the prophecy,» the stern voice of Donatello cut silence. «Every year we live in the thrill before it appears. But when it is done, our Order is waiting for several calm centuries.»

«The devil comes to our world every pointed period,» Donatello nodded on the bas-relief of unusual clock with many circles inside. «Only we know the boundaries of this period, and only as long as we act, the clock closes the circle. The devil is in the circle until we expel it. And while we are, the circle will not interrupt. Satan will not break out. We are elected to fight the main enemy of God, thirsting to break into our world and subordinate it to yourself. You are chosen!»

The old fingers of Donatello touched the chin of Ferdinand to raise. Their eyes met, and the young man flinched. Donatello gave him a sign. Now he had to repeat. And he repeated. Their voices sounded a chorus, uttering the same oath.

«I promise to bring my life to the altar of my creator.»

«I never tell anyone how great my purpose is and how close is the devil to the servants of the Lord.»

«I know that I have to fulfill my destination before the term marked in the last on this day the cycle of prophecy.»

«The clock of the Lord is already hitting and before they come together on the last figure, the devil will be dead… from my hand.»

Did Donatello pronounced these words with the same frightening insensible intonation? Was he in fighting the devil himself? Probably not. After all, he is old, but not dead. And the one who fought with evil in the past his appearance in this world has already dead. After all, it was without a small century ago. Each cycle is a few centuries. It is precisely such intervals (not hours, and the years and centuries) mark the dial of the divine clock.

Lot to fight evil fell a melancholic young man who was used to talking to the statue of angel and dreams that it answers him.

What is evil? What should he fight?

«You’re a palm of god now,» Donatello said.

Ferdinand knew. He nodded.

Behind stood a crowd of his silent fellows. The hand of each was bleeding. And Donatello has already brought the bowl to his lips.

«Are you ready to take the mission entrusted to you?» the last question. It was no longer needed, but such was a tradition. While he will not officially agree, the rite will not be completed.

The golden edge of the bowl was so cold and unpleasant to the touch. He had to drink the blood of his companions and to hope that thus the power of the whole Order to unite in it by one, making it invincible. It was absurd, and yet Ferdinand said, as it was:

«I’m ready!»

And immediately he pierced the feeling that his favorite marble angel looks at him right from this altar, in front, from behind, from a height, from everywhere. It was also absurd, but the angel was not encouraged.

«A traitor!»

He began to be afraid of this word, but it sounded in the head, pronounced by the lips of the angel.

So the angel called him. Why? Because of the blood, which he had to drink? Ferdinand drank, trying not to feel the taste. It was too unpleasant.

«She goes!» said Donatello.

«She?» Ferdinand was amazed, but the cold ritual dagger was already in his hands. He took the mission to himself.

Rite of darkness

Angels do not roam at night through the streets. But today it happened. The creature, which seems to be just from heaven, thoughtfully moved forward, drawing a bloody line on a dirty wall. Her beauty frightened. It was worth just once to look at such a creature to lose the mind.

Nicolette did not even think about the golden strands, in which Pixie was confused. They fell in love with her even stronger than people. Her body seemed made of marble: absolutely bloodless, insensitive, white and cold. Cool twisted curls, like yelling gold, if you cut the curl, it would become gold, eyes, like a azure, body, like marble. And to top off all the wings behind her back.

Today she found out who she was. Today was the night of all accomplishments. On this night, she went to the river to reduce scores with life and get rid of the consciousness that the devil is no longer behind her back, but lives inside. A sharp knife walked through her wrist, all the blood flowed into the river, but life did not leave her. On the contrary, a new dark essence came. Behind the back were wings. The devil reflected in the water.

The beauty of the devil captives, but only not her.

Love and passion is not in her nature. Hunger and thirst too. She did not feel them. And what about the future?

At the meeting, she was already waiting. Curious creatures crowded in the gloomy hall. They had to wait long. They did not count on this. Well, they were here. Nicolette entered the hall, as if she was a queen. And it does not matter that clothes on her are torn, and in indifferent eyes, they were frozen the fragments of hell. She is really the queen of these creatures. And then she will become their deity.

«Where?» She asked the monster who was the main thing here in her absence. At the entrance she had to reveal the palm and show the label in her hand. This is no longer required. She was recognized in the face. Here is Dennitsa, expelled from heaven to grab the power on the ground…

The monster pointed to a narrow arched pass. Really there! Nicolette immediately felt his presence. He is waiting for her, like all of them, only much longer and more tense.

She went slowly. She saw the statue with wings. Huge, gloomy, black and frightening. There were only wings in it, and the monster began under them. Nicolette looked indifferent and long. She was looking for something in his empty eyes and found. She should be sank in front of him, but pride prevented. Nicolette folded her hands at the forehead and bowed only one knee in front of the statue. That’s all. Now it’s time. Probably, she had to kiss him… But this did not need it. Claws of statue began to move. Then shuddered wings. She came. The dark waters of the river did not accept her. She was waiting for something more terrible.

Her father. Its reflection. The monster came to life. The very monster who pushed the initial angel to the borders of the uprising. Her essence, her character, her pride – everything was embodied in it. Her soul. The soul of angel. And a beautiful shell to cover the soul. One single creature broke on two. Nicolett had to see her reflection in it, but saw only the winged monster.

He looked at her, shook out the tracks of stone sleep, like dust, smiled and suddenly spoke. Beautiful words from terrible mouth. Something about the fact that it was time for them to reunite.

«It’s time!»

«I know,» she threw off his claws from the shoulder, so angry annoying insect. But he was not offended, he was accustomed to her bad character. In the end, they are one.

«Let’s go!» Nicolette turned to the exit. She was waiting for a meeting of terrible subjects. It’s time, probably, to please them with your presence.

He did not reach her in the head of the fire, although he could. He could do a lot, but waited. He got used to long and patiently wait for her every appearance. And every time we passed the century. This time, a new error should have happened, which again brings them. It is necessary to behave more carefully. His thoughts became her thoughts, that’s all. She just thought like him. With him.

Their new union, as always, began without dating. You just need to remember that het is behind you behind your back. It is normal that he keeps behind, like the winged Iphith, who emerged from the ancient fairy tale. He is her black soul.

Nicolette looked at him only a moment, was accustomed to what he saw. He was much superior to her size. Nicolette went ahead, he kept behind, like a bodyguard or guard. Nicolette did not hurry. She knew that the most powerful and terrible creatures of the universe were now patiently waiting for her. They did not stay anything but to worship. After all, all of them, in the end, originated from her dark soul, from the devil. She was stronger than all. Almost… And the term of her greatness was noted no longer every year, but with every second.

Nicolette took the edge of the dagger in her palm. A huge clock mechanism at the entrance to the hall waswaiting for her blood. She felt a quiet persistent whisper emanating from an unusual dial. Strange symbols and divisions were vaguely familiar to her. She recalled what they mean. Time could not wait. The clock needs her blood. It’s time to drown the whole world. It’s time to give the whole world into the power of those who fell here long before the emergence of people. This will be fair. Her terrible army will make this world as beautiful and insensitive as this clock. Nicolette squeezed her hand in a fist, squeezing more blood. The clock greedily absorbed each drop. It seemed that living beings, and not the details of the mechanism, reveal the mouths, alcohol demanding more.

Blood is life! This is said in the Bible. Only the Bible appeared on the back long after her. Nicolette should have thought about it with her own dignity, but did not feel anything.

Nicolette was indifferent past the shipping charm of the golden mechanism. The cut on her hand was immediately dragging. An eerie meeting below in the hall did not even have time to catch the smell of her blood. But their supernatural blood has just shed. Everyone had to be injured and drop into the bowl, which went around the rows. To do this, it was necessary to apply a truly deep wound, since all injuries of these creatures were too fast. To squeeze blood from them, efforts were required. It’s good that, getting it, they did not devour each other.

It was an old rite – to present a part of his blood spent Mr. as a guarantee of loyalty. The devil stood beside, but Nicolette had to drink blood. After that, she will be able to control each of them. They will be connected with her blood closer than chains.

The human sacrifice was also brought to strengthen the effect. A beautiful slaughtered young man stayed on the floor. After holding a rite on the body, a feast will arrange, it will tear thousands of claws. For some reason, the victim was always chosen with typical appearance: long blond hair, clean face, azure eyes. A pale shadow of Dennitsa.

She looked around the hall with a cold look. It was full of all sorts of creatures: winged, horned, with hooves or tails, with ridges of dragons on heads or many clawed limbs. And once all of them were beautiful…

Nicolette did not feel her guilt for what happened to them. They got strength. It was necessary to think about strength, and not about beauty. That’s just a black monster for her back did not think so. The shadow of huge wings fell on her face. Here was the temple of evil. And the deity in it also had to be evil, but it was indifferent.

The clawed hands of the creatures of the knees before the steps of a small elevation stretched her a gold bowl. The taste of blood filled in gold, almost came to her soul. Almost, but not quite. Something lacked.

The crowds of ugly creatures were waiting for something from her.

You need to say something. But she is not a speaker. Nicolette knew that they were not tangled with words. Therefore, she brought speech to a minimum.

«You waited for me, and so I’m here.»

The instant of silence, and the triumphant noise became her answer. They could still rejoice something. Or at least did the view. In the end, they all came to bow the devil. But it was something else. It was almost a religious rite..

Just suddenly she felt something else. Alien presence here. Nicolette’s eyes flashed like ice, and noticed in the crowd the stranger. She felt the presence of the enemy.

He was hiding behind the column, a tricky man who thought he managed to spend a whole crowd of hellish creatures. He told his strange prayers, but she saw him.


«A servant of God!» Her pointing hand immediately attracted hundreds of hellish views. Words mean a death sentence, and a person hiding behind the column understood it. He tried to escape, but who can escape from the hellish army rushing after him. Now they will have exactly the day. Screams, chasing, crunching bones and blood, from which Nicolette will no longer require its share.

The head of the monster, standing at the back, bowed to her face. Huge wings fucked, like the shadow. This is a good sign, he reported without words, the enemy himself came to fold his bones on your greeting. Almost faithful victory sign.

Maybe you are right. Nicolette indifferently finished blood remnants and threw the bowl on the floor. Feast so is a feast!