Temple of Gerf Hussein V

Vestibule (G), Sanctuary (I), Treasure-rooms (K–M), and Side-rooms of the Sanctuary (O–Q)
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To date, the Center of Documentation and Studies on Ancient Egypt (CEDAE) has published four volumes of its work at the temple of Gerf Hussein: M.A.-L El-Tanbouli, Gerf Hussein (1965); M.A.-L Tanbouli and A.F. Sadek, Gerf Hussein II: la cour et l’entrée du spéos (1974); Ch. Kuentz and A.A. Sadek, Gerf Hussein III: la grande salle (E): mur est piliers et colosses (1975); M.A.-L Tanbouli, H. De Meulenaere, and A.A. Sadek, Gerf Hussein IV: la grande salle (E): murs sud, nord et oust – les niches (1978).This current volume deals with the vestibule (G), sanctuary (I), treasure-rooms (K–M), and side-rooms of the sanctuary (O–Q), which are now sunk in the waters of Lake Nasser. With an introduction by H. Elleithy and a preface by M. Waziri. Overall revision by H. De Meulenaere (1961) and Cynthia May Sheikholeslami (2018), with the full collaboration of Ch. Leblanc.

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